We’ve been saying it all along…

…and only now does the MSM begin to see.

Cuban exiles and Cuban-Americans have, for the last 40-plus years, saying that until Castro is gone, Cuba will not be free. Today, the Los Angeles Times appears to be saying as much in a piece titled “Hold the reforms — Castro is back:”

After Fidel Castro was too sick even to make an appearance at the September summit in Havana of the Non-Aligned Movement or at his delayed 80th birthday celebrations in December, the government said that a thorough review was underway to identify, and presumably correct, flaws in the communist ideology guiding the country.

“Now it looks like cold water’s getting poured over all that,” (Phil Peters, vice president of the Lexington Institute near Washington and a veteran analyst of Cuban affairs) said. “That, to me, is the clearest sign that Fidel Castro is getting better and getting closer to coming back to office.”

As noted before on this blog, when Castro feels fine, Cuba doesn’t.