But, but, but…

Castro did away with the whole “Cuba was America’s brothel” thing, didn’t he?

Well, of course he did! Why, instead of being America’s brothel, Cuba is now Europe’s brothel!

Foreigners have come to Cuba for years seeking escorts for nights out and sex in exchange for gifts or cash to help the family. Cubans dub them ‘yumas’, a term adopted for Americans after a 1957 western set in the town of Yuma on the US border with Mexico.

Traveling here a decade ago, when Cubans were going hungry from the loss of Soviet aid, I saw countless beer-bellied foreign men smooching young women, and mid-forties women with hot young Cuban guys.

There you go, equal-opportunity prostitution, brought to you courtesy of socialism!

While the lovebirds head for bed my hostess shows me photographs of her daughter’s ‘quinceanera’, or 15th birthday, which marks a coming of age for girls in many Spanish-speaking countries.

‘She’s pretty,’ I say, admiring the showy ball gowns and skimpy outfits in the photos. ‘Will she get a yuma one day?’

‘A yuma?’ the mother snaps. ‘I would kill her.’

Yep, another bright socialistic future in Castro’s Cuba.