Anti-Castro news makes MSM?!?!

Holy cow, the Apocalypse must be coming soon! I found an article about an anti-Castro journalist winning a Spanish journalism award on both the Miami Herald’s and ABC News’ respective websites:

Cuban dissident writer Raul Rivero has won a prestigious Spanish journalism award for his work as a journalist reporting on his native country, where he spent two years in jail on charges of trying to undermine President Fidel Castro’s government.

Rivero, who is 62 and moved to Madrid in 2005 after being released from prison, won one of several Ortega y Gasset prizes that were announced Wednesday. The awards, now in their 24th year, are given by Spain’s top-selling newspaper, El Pais.

The jury voted unanimously to give Rivero the prize for journalism in recognition of his “tenacious and committed battle for journalistic freedom” in Cuba.

It praised Rivero, who is also a poet, for a life’s work that is “very original and of extraordinary literary value.”

Rivero was among 75 independent journalists, opposition politicians and other activists who were arrested in 2003.