‘Dream’ vacation to Castro’s hell turns into nightmare

Some foolish, naive British tourists thought they’d go to Fidel Castro’s Cuba and have the time of their lives.

Har, har, har. I could’ve told them…

A pals’ dream holiday turned into the trip from hell when a muck-up with flights left them stranded thousands of miles from home
Natalie Coyne travelled to Cuba with four former St Anthony School schoolmates to see pal Madlein Hope, from Silksworth, marry her sweetheart Stuart Bennett on the Caribbean isle.

It was pals’ first girlie holiday away, but their glorious Havana nights were ruined on unlucky Friday the 13th when their flight home was overbooked by 48 people, and they were told they would not be able to return home for another four days.

Um, oops? Wait, but there’s more:

Friend Helen Jacob, 29, of Greystoke Avenue, Tunstall, added: “It really spoilt our holiday. We were so frustrated with the lack of help and information from the staff. I speak Spanish as well so it wasn’t as if it was a language barrier.”

Lack of help and information from the staff, huh? I’d be not so helpful and uninformative if I were literally paid slave wages on Castro’s plantation, too.

Oh yes, let’s finish, shall we?

Natalie and her friends have not been offered any compensation as yet.

A spokesman for the Association of British Travel Agents said that regulations relating to over-booked flights – including compensation payments and getting passengers on the next available flight – did not apply in this case, as Cubana Airways is not based in the European Union.

Tour operator Captivating Cuba declined to comment.

Tough luck, ladies. Next time, pick a destination where the natives are FREE.