Weekend at Wu’s?

Cuba’s commie press keeps making a big deal about Fidel Castro’s health, waving photos of him around much as a school child would to prove something. But who says they’re not just photoshopping Castro’s image into another photo, or doing a Weekend at Bernie’s with a well-embalmed corpse?

Anyway, via USA Today, here’s the latest reported sighting of Castro:

Fidel Castro met Friday with the head of a visiting Chinese Communist Party delegation, official media said, in the latest sign that the recovering Cuban leader is becoming increasingly active more than eight months after he underwent emergency intestinal surgery.

Cuba’s Prensa Latina news agency reported that Wu Guanzheng, a member of the Chinese Communist Party’s Politiburo, met separately with both Castro and his younger brother Raul, who has been filling in for his brother since July. A short message about the encounter was read earlier on state television.

No word yet on whether the Chinese will begin counterfeiting Cuban cigars.