Viva Italia!

Gotta love Italians.

One in particular–photographer Oliviero Toscani–has opened a new exhibition at the European Union’s parliament building. The exhibit, titled “Forbidden To Think: The Faces Of Cuban Repression,” features huge photos of imprisoned Cuban political dissidents:

“I’m not here to create virtuoso photographs,” (Toscani) said. “In this exhibit, art consists of action applied to the human condition. It is always an honour to work on an issue linked to human rights.”

According to the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats in the European Parliament (ALDE), which helped organize the exhibit, it is intended to draw attention to a group of intellectuals arrested in March 2003.

Seventy-five people were charged with treason and political conspiracy, some of whom received sentences of up to 28 years.

Despite international pressure, only 14 have been released for health-related reasons while the rest remain in jail.

The European Union imposed sanctions for a brief period in the wake of the arrests but later abandoned these in favour of dialogue.

ALDE says the exhibit is intended to encourage MEPs to look at developments since then and consider whether “political dialogue is actually influencing human rights” in Cuba.

Holy cow! Liberals and Democrats in EUROPE who get it? If only OUR liberals and Democrats would get it too.