Fidel Castro kinda, sorta, like, maybe better

How come every couple of weeks or so we get another “Fidel Castro is kinda, sorta, maybe feeling a little better” story? Why not wait until he’s COMPLETELY recovered before reporting anything?

Methinks that’s because of the propaganda value, both to the world and to Cuba’s citizens yearning to be free, of keeping Castro what is known in the marketing world as “top-of-mind.”

This time, Castro’s buddy (maybe they’re more than just “buddies”) and fellow caudillo Hugo Chavez makes the latest “Castro’s kinda, sorta better” pronouncement:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Friday said his close friend and ally Fidel Castro has “almost totally recovered” from his illness, and Cuba’s foreign minister said the ailing leader is getting stronger every day.

Speaking at a televised news conference, Chavez said the 80-year-old Cuban leader’s marked improvement is clear.

“Almost totally recovered is the very reliable information that I keep receiving,” Chavez said. “The reports that I have and that keep arriving speak of—and not only the reports but his own notes, his voice on the telephone … a doctor would say real recovery.”

Maybe the taxidermist is still working on Fidel’s carcass so they can do a “Weekend at Bernie’s” with it?