All talk, no action

Cuba agrees to “kinda, sorta, maybe” talk about human rights with Spain and a new group called “Dialogue for Rights Coalition” naively thinks this means Castro’s cronies give a rat’s behind about human rights:

A new coalition of moderate Cuban opposition groups called Thursday for the creation of a human rights commission in the National Assembly, cheered by an agreement Havana struck with Spain to open a dialogue on human rights and other issues.

The recently founded Dialogue for Rights Coalition also announced it will work to eliminate the death penalty, distribute copies of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and win the release of political prisoners.

Manuel Cuesta Morua, whose Progressive Arc group is part of the coalition, said the group plans a signature drive to back its request that the parliament form a human rights commission. The Democratic Solidarity Party, which claims 1,000 Cuban members, is also a member of the coalition.

I’m sure Castro will be impressed with all the signatures. Sorry guys, and I hope I’m wrong, but I somehow don’t think your plan will work.