Elian Gonzalez II update

A new wrinkle to a story that’s been all over the blogs: a little Cuban girl who is the subject of a custody battle between her father in Cuba and family in the U.S., may see her father –here in the U.S.:

A fisherman in Cuba who is fighting for custody of his 4-year-old daughter living in Coral Gables will be allowed to come to the United States this summer for as long as 45 days to make his case to a Miami judge.

The U.S. State Department’s decision to allow the man, a fisherman and office-worker from Guayos, to enter the United States is an about-face from an earlier decision to deny him entry, sources have told The Miami Herald.

Permitting the father to argue on his own behalf could dramatically strengthen his hand in the international custody dispute — especially if he can extend his stay.

Hahaha, that’s the key, isn’t it: “if he can extend his stay?” I’m sure that, barring blackmail by Castro (i.e. threatening the father with mistreatment of other relatives in Cuba), the father will “extend his stay” alright.