More Castro fluff pieces from the MSM

If the last post didn’t make you laugh, maybe this one will. Now we have a CNN reporter talking about how great it is that Cubans aren’t interested in material wealth (memo to said CNN reporter: it’s because they’re too busy just trying to survive, barely). “Oh, look at how quaintly the poor people live, with nothing!” yes, it’s romantic when YOU don’t have to live it, isn’t it?

Here’s a choice quote:

To many, Cuba is known as the isle of rum and salsa.

Oh yeah? And for many who ACTUALLY LIVE THERE, it’s known as a prison, a place of repression, a place of heartache and death.

The money quote, though, comes from a producer interviewed by the CNN reporter:

That’s why I love just to be here because when you walk you can feel free inside [emphasis mine].

Maybe YOU can feel free inside because YOU are there as a tourist. Maybe next time, you should try the prison tour. Or better still, try actually living like a Cuban political prisoner (hint: don’t ask the guards for water unless “golden showers” are your thing).

What an unbelievable bunch of freaking useful idiots.