Cuban dissidents diss Al Qaeda- and Castro-appeasing Spaniards

A few days ago, we noted on this blog that Spain’s government thinks being buddy-buddy with Castro is a good thing.

That gesture wasn’t forgotten by Cuba’s nearly forgotten dissidents:

The Spanish Embassy on Wednesday offered to meet with opponents of Cuba’s government after Madrid’s top diplomat ended a three-day official visit to Havana without talking to dissidents.

But the offer was rejected by most dissidents, who said Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos spurned them during a trip to explore improving Spanish and European ties to communist-run Cuba.

“Moratinos’ visit was a lack of respect, he came to support the tyranny,” said Vladimiro Roca, a veteran opponent and former political prisoner who did not attend the embassy gathering.

The wives and mothers of political prisoners who form the Ladies in White also did not attend. Nor did writer Oscar Espinosa Chepe, one of 75 dissidents arrested in a March 2003 crackdown.

”Spain is not an interlocutor because it only hears some Cubans,” said Espinosa Chepe, who was given a medical release from jail along with 15 others. “We don’t want to be accomplices.”

All I can say is, “Bravo!”