New Reports Condemn Human Rights Violations in Cuba, Venezuela

The U.S. State Department published a new report today highlighting human rights abuses in Cuba and Venezuela. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the MSM to pick up on this. Just go here and read the article about the report yourself.

Here’s a snippet:

The State Department said in a new human rights report, released April 5, that Cuba had at least 283 political prisoners and detainees at the end of 2006.

The report said thousands more citizens in Cuba served sentences in 2006 for “dangerousness,” in the absence of any criminal activity. In addition, the report said beatings and abuse of detainees and prisoners, including human rights activists, were carried out with impunity, and that harsh and life-threatening prison conditions included denial of medical care.

The Cuban government uses the concept of “dangerousness” in an attempt to justify detaining its citizens, saying these people supposedly have a “special inclination” to commit crimes.

Seriously, read the rest here.