Al Qaeda appeasers love Castro

No surprise that the government of Al Qaeda appeasers in Spain would show deference to Castro:

Spain’s foreign minister made an ice-breaking visit to Cuba on Monday, the most senior European Union government official to go to the island since a 2003 dispute over the arrests of dissidents.

Miguel Ángel Moratinos said his official trip marked a new stage in reopening talks with Cuba, and hoped it would help thaw Havana’s relations with the European Union.

“It’s absolutely unthinkable that Spain, the Spanish government, cannot maintain, defend and develop an intense, constructive and communicative policy with the Cuban authorities,” Moratinos said in Havana.

Here’s what’s “absolutely unthinkable,” Mr. Moratinos:

  • That Castro has 59 people still in prison from Black Spring in 2003
  • That Castro has hundreds, if not thousands, of political prisoners
  • That people are willing to risk their lives by sailing on dilapidated, makeshift rafts to escape Castro
  • That independent journalists and librarians are jailed or harrassed by Castro
  • That anyone would do anything to help keep this tyrant in power