April Fools

It’s April Fool’s Day today. So that must mean these Castro apologists are kidding, right?

From today’s Hartford (Connecticut) Courant:

That all changed after Fidel took the reins and shut down Mafia-owned casinos. American tourism dropped, but in 1970, groups of Connecticut students spent two-month stints in Cuba’s sugar fields, cutting cane in support of the revolution.

On one trip, Fidel worked side by side with six state residents, including a 24-year old named Guy. “He is someone who risked his life, was imprisoned and gave up a career as a lawyer to fight for his people. He can speak in the open in front of 1 million people … I’d like to see Richard Nixon do that,” the young Connecticut activist told a Courant reporter.

“Castro good, U.S. president bad,” said the young useful idiot.

Now, on to today’s Orlando Sentinel:

But Cuba has not remained exactly the same over the past decade and a half. The Castro regime promoted some significant liberalizing economic reforms around the mid-1990s, and its attitude toward internal dissent has alternated between periods of harsh crackdowns to others of greater tolerance.

A little repression, just a little, what’s so wrong with that?

Last but not least, today’s Miami Herald:

(U.S. Representative from Arizona Jeff) Flake said that while any travel, from anywhere, would inevitably send some funds Castro’s way, it would also do good by making it harder for him to isolate his society.

So, money makes the world go ’round, right Congresmman Flake? And why does a Congressman from Arizona care so much about Cuba?

A big “Thank you” to Marc Masferrer at Uncommon Sense and Henry “Conductor” Gomez at Babalu Blog for first blogging about these stories.