Castro himself “outdated”

A couple of days ago, the MSM picked up a story (and it ran in numerous MSM outlets) from Granma (any surprise there?) about Castro. Reportedly, the dictator had written (meaning a ghostwriting dupe wrote for his authorization) an editorial ripping President Bush and the U.S. over bio-fuels.

You could almost hear the glee among MSM types, who no doubt enjoyed writing headlines about Castro bashing Bush (talk about a “dog bites man” non-story).

Today, although the Associated Press wrote it, I could find only ONE lousy stinking MSM outlet (the Miami Herald) picking up the following story (actually, we’ve only posted a snippet):

Brazilian: Castro’s biofuel views are ‘outdated’

Associated Press

BRASILIA, Brazil — Cuban President Fidel Castro’s criticism of biofuels are respectable but outdated because the whole world is heading in the direction of ethanol, Brazil’s foreign minister said Thursday.

Celso Amorim said that while he had not read Castro’s attack on U.S. biofuel policy in a Cuban newspaper, he felt it represented a respectable, if behind-the-times opinion.

”President Fidel Castro is a person who is a respectable and historically important figure,” Amorim said.

”He has some ideas that are outdated,” the minister added, saying that he had accompanied a Brazilian delegation to Havana 20 years ago ”and at that time Castro was already saying alcohol would never work because sugar was a noble product.” Ethanol is a form of alcohol.

Brazil produces ethanol from sugar cane, while ethanol in the United States is made from corn.

In a front-page editorial Thursday in the Communist Party daily, Castro described the U.S. policy of encouraging the use of biofuels as “the sinister idea of converting food into fuel.”

The remarks indirectly touched on Brazil because President Bush and Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva agreed earlier this month to promote the use and production of ethanol.

Brazil is the world’s second largest producer of ethanol after the United States.

Amorim said that Castro’s criticisms, “are his opinion, we will respect them, but I believe this opinion has to be balanced with others.”

Notice how many times in the above snippet alone Castro is referred to as “respectable” or the word “respect” is used in reference to him. Conversely, if you ever stumble upon an MSM piece that accidentally compliments President Bush (or any conservative Republicans, for that matter), you’ll note the MSM will throw some kind of gratuitous cheap shot in there.

In other words, the MSM goes to great pains to ameliorate any criticism of U.S. enemies, just as they’ll go to great pains to throw in a shot or two when they’re forced to write something that compliments a conservative.

But they’ll swear up and down there is no bias…