Spies like us, plus…

The guys at Babalu blog published this morning an excellent but simple (sometimes those are the best) post about the whole Cuba spy thing. It’s mostly a series of links to a number of good articles on the topic, so rather than just rehash it here, I’ll just direct you there.

Don’t miss the comments, there are a number of good ones.

And now, for the “plus.” A few days ago, we posted about the so-called Cuban Five, the 5 spies Castro sent to the U.S. who were caught, convicted and thrown into prison, but which useful idiots around the world have made a cause celebre.

In doing research for that post, we found like a gazillion useful idiot websites that all said “Free the Five,” but very few dedicated to ensuring these five criminal spies remain where they belong: in prison, picking up the soap in the shower for Bubba.

Well, this inspired us to [SHAMELESS PLUG WARNING!!!] create a new website dedicated to just that. It’s called, appropriately enough, “Fry the Five.”

I don’t know how I find the time. But if you see me behind you during the morning commute on the Palmetto Expressway in Miami, be careful, I might not have had my coffee yet 🙂