So close and yet so far

The Boston Globe is reporting that “Castro spent several days close to death,” according to his buddy and budding dictator Hugo Chavez:

Cuban leader Fidel Castro spent several days on the point of death, but is now out of his sickbed, his close friend and protege Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Saturday.

A Cuban government minister said on Tuesday the 80-year-old Castro was recovering well from his emergency intestinal surgery in July and could soon return to a more active role in running the country.

“When Fidel was in bed — now he is not in bed — he was in a pretty delicate state of health,” Chavez told a crowd at an event to celebrate the single ruling party he is forging.

Chavez said he had told Castro at his bedside he could not die.

“But there he was, in danger of dying for quite a few days, and he said, ‘Chavez, I can die now, stop worrying about me, the one who cannot die is you!”

Actually, they can BOTH die as far as I’m concerned. Preferably very soon. Too bad Castro wasn’t playing horseshoes, where “close” matters.