You’ve gotta be crazy (more on the “next Elian” story)…

…to want your child to live in Castro’s hell.

As posted earlier on this blog, the Miami Herald is reporting that another potential Elian Gonzalez situation is brewing in Miami. A four-year-old girl is locked in a custody battle between her father in Cuba and relatives in Miami.

What makes this case different is the fact that the child’s mother, though in the U.S., is considered incompetent to care for children, due to mental illness. But nobody has connected the dots yet on something else having to do with the mother and her daughter’s eventual fate.

You see, although the Herald reported the mother wasn’t fit to take care of her daughter, later in the article they reported the following:

At one point, the girl’s mother told child welfare workers she would prefer that the girl live with her father in Cuba rather than in foster care, two sources told The Miami Herald.

Hmmm. Let’s see if I get this straight: a mother who is an “unfit parent” due to “mental illness” says she’d rather have her daughter go live in Castro’s Kafkaesque nightmare.

Uh-huh. I’d say that statement on its face is proof positive she is mentally ill and unfit to be a parent. Because any parent who would voluntary send his or her child back into hell clearly has to have something wrong with them.


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