“Havana’s former grandeur decays and crumbles” (thanks to Castro)

I added that last part to the headline of a Reuters dispatch on the decrepit state of buildings in Havana. Because anyone with half a brain (that apparently excludes most of Reuters’ staff) knows the reason for Havana’s decay is Fidel Castro.

Reuters being Reuters, they (naturally) can’t help toss at least one compliment to Castro (they claim Castro’s dictatorship is responsible for saving “Havana’s eclectic architecture” from demolition) in a story that is surprisingly and refreshingly somewhat truthful about Cuba. Of course, they save the best lines for last:

Central Havana was the site of the only riots against Castro’s rule in the hot summer of 1994 when some 35,000 people took to the sea in rafts is a desperate exodus to the United States.

The Cuban government blames the “blockade” — as it refers to U.S. sanctions — for the country’s economic shortcomings.

But some Cubans say the government has only itself to blame for the urban decay of Havana.