Fry the Five!

Or, “Free the 11 Million!”

As usual, the MSM gives disproportionately positive coverage to the pro-Castro crowd while giving short shrift (at best) or flat out ignoring (at worst) injustice at the hands of the Castro brothers.

Example: scant coverage of the Primavera Negra (Black Spring) repression during its fourth anniversary this past weekend, while this is getting play in the MSM:

Five Cuban spies imprisoned in the U.S. for being unregistered foreign agents are vilified in Miami as dangerous conspirators. But here they’re considered “Heroic Prisoners of the Empire” who only sought to protect Cuba from anti-communist terrorists. During Cuba’s annual May 1 workers parade, hundreds of thousands of people will focus on their plight.

Oh, boo-freaking-hoo. If Cuba caught five U.S. spies (or five exiles spying on them), they’d be swinging from the end of a rope within days of getting caught. If you want to free Cubans, Fidel, you can start with the 11 million you repress and terrorize every day.