Correction, repression in Cuba has increased in general

It’s not just journalists in Cuba who are getting it. But then again, if you’re a regular reader of Castro Death Watch, you know that.

Surprisingly, Reuters did the following piece:

Convalescing Cuban leader Fidel Castro is still in control of the country and repression has increased during the rule of his younger brother Raul, a top U.S. diplomat said on Wednesday.

“Fidel Castro remains a … controlling political presence,” U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Thomas Shannon said in an interview at the Reuters Latin American Investment Summit.

Castro stepped down last July 31 after undergoing emergency intestinal surgery, but Shannon said Cuba’s human rights record has since deteriorated as the government appeared to be trying to fend off any push for change.

“One thing that we have noted during this transfer-of-power period is that repression has increased,” he said. “It’s very important for … these new governors — if you want to call them that — to show that they are in control and that they can manage the regime and that they can manage the Cuban state and that they cannot challenged.”

Naturally, Reuters didn’t disappoint, referring to Fidel as “leader” while the rest of the world knows he’s a dictator.