Communism creating zombies in Cuba

Of all the things I come across on the Internet is one that I thought was, well, odd but it reminded me of something I’ve been meaning to post.

A columnist for the Decatur (Alabama) Daily somehow ties zombies and communism together in a column about zombie movies. The piece is titled Commie zombies haunt the world:

To get back to the issue at hand, however, what do zombies have to do with the man who co-authored “The Communist Manifesto”?

Answer: everything.

As bizarre as it sounds, I would agree. Because a co-worker of mine (from my “day” job) visited Cuba recently to see her relatives. And she told me everyone appears to be a zombie in Cuba. What do Cuban kids want to be when they grow up? American. What does everyone in Cuba want? An exit visa. The Castro government has stolen the souls of 11 million Cubans who live miserable lives, going through the motions as they ponder the day when their nightmare will finally be over.