McCain operatives behind Romney hit pieces?

In the post before this one, I discuss the series of negative articles on the speech Mitt Romney gave in Miami about a week and a half ago.

The day after Governor Romney gave his speech, the Miami Herald ran an article I thought was negative (after all, I was in the audience listening to Mr. Romney, so I know what he said and what the crowd’s mood was like). Fine, I thought, it’s the Miami Herald’s prerogative to cover things how they wish.

But a couple of days ago–and about a week after the Lincoln Day dinner in Miami where Governor Romney spoke–the Miami Herald ran another negative article on the Governor’s speech. So I speculated that this obsession with Governor Romney was simply a part of the MSM’s bias against conservatives.

But then I found this article in today’s Miami Herald:

Supporters of Republican presidential candidate John McCain said Tuesday they expect to raise more than $200,000 for the Arizona senator’s campaign at a fundraiser that kicks off a flurry of Florida events over the next two weeks.

“It is a way to get the network rolling,” said Manny Kadre, a Miami attorney and top McCain finance official who was hosting the invitation only, $2,300-per-person event at his Coral Gables home. “It’s a way to get the network behind him and also to introduce him to people who want to support him.”

Hmm, let’s see… the Miami Herald resuscitates what should’ve been an old story just in time for a campaign visit to Miami by Senator John McCain. Add the fact that it’s no secret that of all the Republican candidates, liberals like Sen. McCain the most.

Conspiracy, or coincidence? You decide.


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