More on Mitt

A little more than a week ago, I posted on this blog that I had gone to the Lincoln Day dinner in Miami featuring former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney as keynote speaker. The day after, the Miami Herald ran a story about Governor Romney’s speech I thought was negative, especially having been at the event myself.

The Miami Herald ran another negative article about Governor Romney’s speech a couple of days ago (titled “Presidential candidate bungles speech in Miami“) and a post on this article at Babalu Blog brought about a heated debate in the comments section (disclaimer: I joined that discussion myself).

Today, the Boston Herald ran its own negative article on Governor Romney’s speech, titled “Mitt’s Commie phrase sparks rage.” The article was accompanied by a Photoshopped hack job of Governor Romney in Fidel Castro’s military fatigues and a cigar in his hand. This article was discussed on both Babalu Blog and Michelle Malkin’s blog.

As I noted before, I heard Governor Romney in person, along with my girlfriend and a few other good folks I know personally. While not everyone I know who went is thrilled with Governor Romney as a candidate, none of them were in a “rage,” nor did they “wince” at the Governor’s words. In fact, the vibe I felt in the room was a fairly upbeat, positive one.

The only conclusion I can draw about the negative coverage is the MSM’s bias against conservative Republicans. Having said that, yes, Governor Romney’s speech comes across as pandering to a degree. But what politician doesn’t pander? Mark my words, we’re going to see ALL of the serious presidential candidates drink the obligatory shot of Cuban coffee at Versailles during the next couple of years.