Black Spring in Cuba

Tomorrow marks a dubious anniversary in Cuban history known as “Primavera Negra,” or “Black Spring.” Four years ago, on March 18, the Castro regime took advantage of the fact that the world’s eyes were focused on the U.S.’s preparations for war against another dictator–Saddam Hussein of Iraq–and cracked down on peaceful dissent in Cuba. A total of 75 activists and journalists were imprisoned; to date, only 15 of the original 75 have been released.

A number of blogs, including this one, would like to pay tribute to those who remain imprisoned in Cuba unjustly and we’d also like to ask the world why there is no outcry or outrage or demand for their freedom?

Primavera Negra is a website dedicated to remembering this dark day in Cuban history. On March 18th, they’ll have a “video marathon” on their site the entire day. I encourage you to visit. While you’re there, follow the links to other blogs and check out what they’re saying about this outrage.