Another day, another fawning piece on Castro

So what else is new? The MSM rarely hides its adulation of Castro. Look at this AFP (surprise, surprise, Agence FRANCE-Presse) piece, if you can stomach it:

Cuban leader Fidel Castro, sidelined by intestinal surgery almost eight months ago, is now recovering at a faster pace, taking part in daily government affairs, and fueling talk he may return to the helm of Cuba’s communist government soon.

“The pace of his recovery process has picked up. We are all expecting it to be completed shortly,” Vice President Jose Ramon Fernandez told reporters.

Still, Fernandez said, “it is clear that after a lengthy illness one has to rest and take precautions and factor in the absolutely overwhelming dedication he always gives his work, hours and hours, and days without rest; and we have to protect him from that.”

Ah yes, torturing, repressing, executing and arbitrarily arresting and threatening 11 million people is hard work indeed. Too bad the clowns who wrote this fawning propaganda piece on Castro don’t actually have to, ahem, “live” like independent Cuban journalists do.