Urgent SOS from Havana to the International Press and International Community

The following message, originating on this website as far as I can tell, came to my attention via Babalu Blog:

Urgent SOS from Havana to the International Press and International Community.

Christian Liberation Movement in the Exterior

According to information provided by Leader and National Coordinator of the Christian Liberation Movement and Sakjarov Prize winner Oswaldo J. Paya Sardiñas, in the last few hours the Cuban government has launched a full scale offensive against members of their Movement. State Security agents gave ultimatums in Cuba to leaders of the Christian Liberation Movement with the acronym (MCL), telling them to stop all activities promoting the Varela Project as well as activities promoting the Liberation of the Political Prisoners of the Cuban Spring; or they will face strong retaliation from the government.

These threats take place in the midst of a brutal repression and intimidation atmosphere against leaders of the MCL, when yesterday, March 9th, Ernesto Martini, better known as (Freddy), leader of the MCL in Havana was arrested and interrogated for more than eight and later freed after being warned that if he did not abstain from his present activities, the Cuban Government will apply its repressive machinery in full force against anyone who continued with activities the State considers to be “subversive activities.” On the same note, MCL Leader Oswaldo J. Paya Sardiñas has been a subject of intimidation, his working areas has been restricted after an oxygen valve he was fixing at work accidentally exploded resulting in serious injuries to Paya’s right hand that required medical attention.

We alert the international community of this full force offensive to annihilate the Christian Liberation Movement and its leaders, for its scope and intensity is taking the shape of another crackdown, this time much more astute than the crackdown of the Spring of 2003, and we want to state for the record, that we are firm in our purpose. No threat or intimidation will stop us from continue in our demand claiming the rights that the Cuban people presented to the National Assembly of the Popular Power on May 10 of 2002, known as The Varela Project, which the Cuban Government has not complied with in violation of its current Constitutional Law.

March 10, 2007.

Francisco de Armas.
Julio A. Hernández.
International Representatives
Christian Liberation Movement