MSM hoping Castro gets well

Unbelievable. The MSM continues to fawn over Castro, hoping he gets well soon.

The AFP did a story today on how the Cuban dictatorship’s apparatchiks are claiming Castro’s doing so well, he could return to, ahem, “work” soon. Naturally, they publish this drivel without question. No doubt AFP has reporters who HAVEN’T gotten kicked out of Cuba for exposing Castro’s corrupt regime. Here are a few nauseating snippets with my comments in bold-italics-parentheses:

Improving (Improving? The only “improvement” Castro can show is by dying.) Fidel Castro could return to work (you mean repressing his people, raping Cuba and stealing): Cuba FM

TEGUCIGALPA (AFP) – Defying US predictions (What would a fawning piece on Castro from the MSM be without a gratuitous cheapshot at the US?) that Fidel Castro may not be long for this world, Cuba Thursday said its ailing leader is mending so well he may retake the reins (you mean, “reign of terror”) of the Americas’ only communist country.

(Let me skip a few lines…)

Some Cuba-watchers believe that even if he does return to power, Castro, a reputed workaholic (he’s tyrannizing on overtime now, I see), would not be able to preside over Cuba the way he did for almost five decades (Ooh, does this finally mean freedom for Cuba? Don’t hold your breath waiting to find out.), when he kept a tight grip on almost every aspect of life on the Caribbean’s largest island (Holy cow, I’m surprised this one slipped past the censors, er, I mean, the editors at AFP. Whoever messed this up will soon get fired and probably banned from Cuba for life.).