Bush offers condolences for Mario Chanes de Armas

You have the MSM picking up Granma dispatches and taking them at face value, as they ignore (or give short shrift to) this from our President:

President and Mrs. Bush Saddened by Loss of Mario Chanes de Armas

Cuban patriot Mario Chanes de Armas was a political prisoner of the Castro regime for 30 years, one of the longest sentences of any political prisoner in the world. Like so many Cubans, he sought a democratic Cuban society only to see his quest betrayed by a Castro dictatorship. Mario Chanes was one of the original plantados, Cuban political prisoners who were unyielding in their fervent desire for a free Cuba. His patriotism and strong sense of purpose are examples to all freedom-loving people. Laura joins me in sending our thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.

I don’t agree with everything the President does, but I’d like to see items like this one get picked up by at least a few media outlets. Is it too much to ask that at least a fraction of those outlets who pick up the Castro fluff pieces pick this up as well? Apparently so.


Well, it looks as though someone listened to my plea:

Miami Herald
Boston Globe