Fidel Castro feels fine, Cuba doesn’t

The ratfink Castro has stuck his nose out of his rathole today just enough to remind the world he continues to pollute it with his presence. Here’s a funny quote from an AP article today about the bearded dictator:

“…his country is running smoothly without him at the helm.”

Does that mean AP is admitting it runs roughly with Castro in charge? Because 11 million Cubans know that to be true.

Another funny quote:

“I feel good and I’m happy,” Castro said in a phone call to Chavez’s weekday radio program.

Now we know for sure he’s still on this earth. Because if Castro were dead, he’d feel hot. VERY hot. 👿

One final quote:

“Fatherland or death. We will prevail!,” the two leaders repeated after each other.

If they truly cared about their respective fatherlands, they’d choose death. For themselves, I mean.