Cuban spies get max sentence, woohoo!

It looks as though the judge “threw the book at ’em” after all:

A college professor who pleaded guilty in a federal case involving allegations that he and his wife spied for Cuba’s communist government and betrayed their fellow Cuban-American exiles by passing along information about community figures was sentenced Tuesday to five years in prison.

Carlos Alvarez, 61, and his 56-year-old wife Elsa were sentenced by District Judge K. Michael Moore on reduced charges they received in a federal plea deal. Carlos Alvarez also received three years probation.

Elsa Alvarez was sentenced to three years in prison and one year of probation. That was the maximum sentence both could get under sentencing guidelines.

As a bonus, here’s what the judge said:

“As we know, a good motive is never an excuse for criminal conduct,” (the ironically named K. Michael ) Moore said before sentencing. “Their behavior undermined U.S. foreign policy.”

Can we clone this judge? Can we find more judges like this guy? Read the rest of the story here.