Castro, Al Gore and Reuters

Okay, Reuters published an article today about Castro’s Cuba giving Al Gore’s flick An Inconvenient Truth a ringing endorsement. This one has so many angles to address I feel like a geometry teacher. Here’s an excerpt, my comments in parentheses and bold italics:

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore doesn’t know if his climate change documentary will win an Oscar on Sunday night (not for lack of help from the MSM) — but he has Cuba’s vote (talk about damning with faint praise).

Sunday’s Union of Young Communist’s newspaper reported acting Cuban President Raul Castro “recognized the effort of the former vice president to denounce” global warming during a two-hour meeting with youth leaders on Friday.

Cuba’s official and only (“official and only” tells you everything you need to know; normally they air hot air from Fidel, now it’s hot air from Gore) television media showed Gore’s documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” on prime time this month and an update by Gore, giving the one-time presidential contender more positive publicity (What, no scare quotes around “positive publicity” from Cuba, Reuters? Oh, that’s right, you people are so clueless you actually think this is a GOOD thing.) than any other U.S. leader in decades.

Here are a few “Inconvenient Truths” you won’t see on TV in Cuba:

  • – Nearly 300 political prisoners, including peaceful dissidents and journalists
  • – Thousands murdered, including the Brothers to the Rescue shootdown and the sinking of the tugboat “13 de marzo”
  • – No freedom of speech in Cuba, no free use of the Internet, and constant crackdowns on the few meager independent libraries that exist
  • – People so desperate to flee tyranny they hop on rickety “craft” to sail away

I wonder if this is just a form of “thank you” from the Castro brothers for Elian Gonzalez?