11 years, still no justice

Today marks the 11th anniversary of the tragic shootdown of two simple Cessna 337s carrying four men, by sophisticated Cuban MiG-29 jet fighters. For those of you not familiar with aviation, here’s a comparison: imagine going up against someone armed with a fully automatic AK-47 and all you have are spitballs and a straw.

Four men were murdered by Castro’s regime that sad day in 1996. Their names and ages at the time of their murder are listed below. They’ll always be remembered by those who long for Cuba to be free, even if there is nary a mention in today’s local papers.

  • Armando Alejandre, Jr., 45 (U.S. citizen)
  • Carlos Costa, 29 (U.S. citizen)
  • Pablo Morales, 29
  • Mario de la Pena, 24 (U.S. citizen)

You can read their bios here. Read more about Brothers to the Rescue (Hermanos al Rescate) here–please note the site is a mix of English and Spanish.