This oughtta go over well on Calle Ocho

The Herald today writes a fawning piece on a new cafeteria on southwest Eight Street in Miami. Only, as the article itself states, this joint is the “anti-Versailles:”

With its own timbiriche window serving crispy croquetas and cortaditos with evaporated milk, Tinta (Y Café, the full name of the place) reflects the anti-Versailles of exile thought. An art book featuring Ernesto ”Che” Guevara on the cover sits on a book shelf — placed there by (owner Neli) Santasmarina to provoke conversation — and the Cuban hip-hop sound of Orishas thump from speakers. Couches and threads of conversations critical of U.S. policy toward Cuba greet people as they enter.

Sounds as if it’d be a great place–for San Francisco. Wonder how long it’ll stay in business at its current location?


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