Another Castro apologist chimes in on Cuban embargo

The Huffington Post–or as James Taranto of Opinion Journal calls it, the Puffington Host–published yesterday an, ahem, “interesting” piece calling for lifting the embargo against Castro’s Cuba. I’m puzzled by the title of the piece: U.S. Policy “Disserves” the Cuban People.

I say I’m puzzled because they put scare quotes around the word “disserves.” Now, does that mean, the author truly believes current U.S. policy–i.e., leaving the embargo in place–does NOT disserve the Cuban people? Well, if you read the piece, you’ll see the author–Sarah Stephens of the Center for Democracy in the Americas–believes U.S. policy does disserve the Cuban people. To which I say, you’ve got it wrong, Ms. Stephens. It is FIDEL CASTRO RUZ and his gang of criminals who are disserving, and have been disserving for 48 years, the Cuban people.

Why don’t these anti-embargo people ever address that? Here is an interesting, and telling, admission by Ms. Stephens: “…Cuba will not negotiate changes in its system….”

Therein lies the problem, Ms. Stephens. Until the cabal of gangsters, thugs and criminals known as the Cuban Communist Party relinquish power and allow true democracy (you know, that little thing that’s the middle name of the organization you head) to flourish in Cuba, we shouldn’t be handing them our money.