AP lets one slip through

The Associated Press let this one slip through the cracks:

CUBA: US commerce secretary sees no softening of policy toward communist-run island

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez said Wednesday it would be a “great disservice” for the Cuban people if the United States eased economic and political ties with the island in the post-Fidel Castro era.

“Cuba is at a critical point in its history,” Gutierrez said. “The country is poised for change. The policy of the Bush administration has been to help the Cuban people achieve their freedom through democratic change.”

Gutierrez serves as co-chairman of an official commission which made recommendations for Cuba policy after Castro passes from the scene. He spoke to the Council of the Americas, a pro-business group.

Gutierrez’s speech was devoted mostly to the plight of the Cuban people under the system Castro created 48 years ago (emphasis mine).

Of course, they may have let this one slip through the cracks, but the rest of the mainstream media is downplaying this one. You can read the rest here.