Cuba dishonors useful idiot

Just like Castro to bite the hand that feeds him and spits on those who help him out. After noting yesterday how Cuba was honoring–suprise, surprise–a New York Times reporter, we come to learn today, thanks to columnist Georgie Anne Geyer, that Castro once turned on said reporter, Herbert Matthews:

But the curious part — the unexpected part, perhaps — was how disliked Matthews would soon become in Cuba, in particular by Fidel Castro himself. When Castro came to the states after taking power in January of 1959, he encountered Matthews in a big journalism meeting in New York and vulgarly made fun of him. While Matthews’ formerly excellent reputation as a journalist began to flounder in the wake of his infatuation with Fidel, and others thought that he had carte blanche on the island, the fact was that Castro and his people came close to despising the man.