So many items to post, so little time…

Well it’s been a few days since I’ve posted–I’ve been busy–but that hasn’t stopped the news from coming.

First, Babalu Blog posted Friday an UNCONFIRMED report the anti-Castro group Comandos F-4 has managed to steal weapons from a Cuban military unit, presumably in Cuba (as opposed to say, Angola). Babalu Blog notes that this was reported on Spanish-language radio in Miami, by members of Comandos F-4. I need to emphasize that this was UNCONFIRMED. Read some of the comments below the post for a little context.

Then there’s the story of the Cuban Memorial at Tamiami Park in Miami. This is the fifth year in a row the Cuban Memorial is displayed. The display itself is 10,000 white crosses–similar to those used as grave markers–to stand as symbols of the victims of Fidel Castro’s regime. El Mundo, a Spanish newspaper, includes a photo of the son of one victim kneeling at his father’s cross on their website. Nice to see this story made some international media.

Then there’s word that Castro’s Cuba is joining the rest of the world in the 21st century. Well, sort of. Cuba whines that the U.S. is keeping it from updating its Internet access technology, then one of their highest-ranking propagandameisters goes on record admitting that Cuba must tame “the wild colt of new technologies.” Roger Hernandez, a syndicated columnist, has an interesting take on this, published on a New Jersey website.


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