Cuba honors useful idiot

The Castro government recently honored a useful idiot, the late but not so great New York Times reporter Herbert Matthews. Reuters published a gushing piece that reads like a Granma dispatch (it was actually released by the Cuban government’s press agency, Prensa Latina). Especially telling is a passage that reveals how useful an idiot Castro thought Matthews was:

The interview (of Castro by Matthews) may also have helped Castro by exaggerating the size of his rebel force. Castro later bragged he only had 18 men at the time, but made them pass in front of the American reporter several times.

I have a few questions about this article:

-Why does Reuters refer to Batista as a “dictator,” but not Castro?
-Why is Reuters writing pieces based on a Prensa Latina report?
-And last but not least, why is it even news that a useful idiot is being honored by a brutal, repressive dictatorship?