Satellite Repression in Cuba

Satellite dishes are technically illegal in Castro’s Cuba, but the communist government would often turn a blind eye to them just as long as their sheep, er, I mean, their people, would only watch entertainment programming (something about “bread and circuses,” only there isn’t much bread–or much of anything else that’s edible–in Cuba).

But with word recently that the U.S. government is going to beam the oft-blocked TV Martí via commercial TV stations–which can be seen by satellite dish owners–guess what the commie government of Cuba is doing now?

Just two months after the U.S. government announced it would transmit its anti-Castro channel TV Martí on Direct TV — which Cubans can watch using the banned satellite dishes –Cuban authorities appear to be going after the illegal signals with a vengeance.

What is the Castro government so afraid of? After all, isn’t TV Martí nothing more than “propaganda?” If it’s propaganda, don’t you think the educated people of Cuba would know it when they saw it? I mean, come on Fidel and Raul, why can’t Cuba’s people watch it and decide for themselves?

‘The attention they are giving it now gives us confidence that TV Martí is working,” said Alberto Mascaro, chief of staff for the Office of Cuba Broadcasting, the government office that runs TV Martí. “If they are so worried about it, that only means one thing: It is working.”