Poll: 64% of Americans have “unfavorable” view of Castro

Associated Press ran a story picked up by numerous outlets–including Yahoo! News–about a poll by Ipsos on Americans’ attitudes towards Cuba and Fidel Castro.

As with any AP story, the media outlets that run it are free to use AP’s headline or make their own. As could be expected, most of the press picking up this story focused on the results that could be interepreted as the least anti-Castro, such as that 62 percent of Americans would like to “establish diplomatic relations with Cuba” or that “only” 48 percent (which, if you actually bother to read the entire article, you come to find out is a plurality of those polled) favor maintaining the embargo against Cuba.

Here are a few choice numbers that are buried in the article on most outlets:

-64 percent of Americans hold an unfavorable view of Fidel Castro

-Only four percent think Cuba will be worse off after Castro dies or steps down from power