“Away from big game, boos for Castro”

The Newark Star-Ledger published today a “Castro Death Party” article I was interviewed for.  It was written by Kevin Manahan, a sports reporter who was in town for the Super Bowl but happened to drop by Versailles on Calle Ocho. So yes, he does use a lot of sports metaphors in the article.

But in reading the article, I must say he was pretty fair in how he quoted me. Although I did tell him a lot more, I thought it was important to convey the idea that, unlike Castro, we are not bloodthirsty. If we celebrate his death, it’s only because of the pain and suffering he caused:

“Sure, there have been some emotional ups and downs with the news,” he [this would be me] said. “But there is a lot of frustration pent up over all of these years. People have lost loved ones. They’re going to think about how many died in poverty in Cuba and how many died on boats and rafts trying to get here. No, when the news finally comes, Little Havana will explode.”