Pedro Knight, RIP

Celia Cruz and Pedro Knight Pedro Knight, widower of the late, great Cuban salsera Celia Cruz, died Saturday at 85. Mr. Knight had been embroiled in some controversy his latter years as several heirs of his late wife’s filed lawsuits against him. Also, his health had been diminishing and he had constantly expressed the desire to be with his beloved Celia in heaven.

Let’s hope he’s remembered for being a great man and doting husband to Celia, as noted in his obituary in today’s Miami Herald:

“She said musicians had too many women and she didn’t want to suffer. And, well, it was true. I had a lot of women. But I told her that if she would have me, she could leave that problem to me. . . . And I stopped seeing all the women. I forgot about every single one. Because Celia was the most special woman in the world.”

Descanse en paz, cabecita de algodón.