Cuba needs a Robert Conquest

I came across a very interesting article on Opinion Journal, the Wall Street Journal’s op-ed (and more importantly, free) website. The article was basically a piece about a gentleman I’d never heard of before, Robert Conquest.

Ironically named, Mr. Conquest wrote an important anti-communist book years ago called The Great Terror. The Great Terror talked about the reality behind the Soviet Union’s Josef Stalin, years before Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s celebrated The Gulag Archipelago was published.

The occasion for the Opinion Journal piece by Christopher Hitchens is the coming 40th anniversary of the publication of The Great Terror, and the upcoming third edition.

I’ve never read the book before nor, as I previously mentioned, had I ever heard of Mr. Conquest. But I look forward to reading the third edition when it comes out next year.

To the best of my knowledge, Cuba doesn’t have a The Great Terror nor does it have a Robert Conquest. I hope Mr. Conquest at least mentions Cuba in the third edition. And I hope a Cuban Mr. Conquest emerges one day.