“Waiting, and waiting, for Fidel” – LA Times

Tim Cavanuagh’s article–the one he interviewed me for–made it into today’s LA Times. The article is entitled Waiting, and waiting, for Fidel.

It’s not all about me, of course. Others who were quoted or mentioned (besides Castro, of course) are City of Miami Commissioner Tomas Regalado, film producer Juan Carlos Saizarbitoria and Ramon Saul Sanchez, leader of el Movimiento Democracia. To be honest, I feel humbled to mentioned among these guys.

Oh, an additional note. I didn’t think it would be appropriate for me to post the entire LA Times article here (I did include links, above, however). Something about “tooting your own horn” a little too much. But a big thanks to Kill Castro blog, who did post the article under an entry titled Waiting on el barbatruco…..

A final note: I called my father to tell him about the LA Times article, as he likes to know when I make it into the media (it’s part of my day job to deal with media). I told him about the quote at the end of the article, where I offer my theory that Castro disappeared for a bit (before he resurfaced in a new video this week) as a loyalty test. My father said he doesn’t think anyone would dare make a move against Castro out of fear. He told me “Look at them when they speak on TV. You can see the fear in their eyes. You can see them measure their words, afraid they’ll say something wrong.”