Open dissent–in Cuba?

I was very pleasantly surprised by an article in the Miami Herald today. The article, titled In Cuba, dissent by invitation only, talks about how a group of artists and intellectuals met recently in Cuba to criticize the Castro government’s censorship during the 1970’s. What makes this story especially remarkable is mentioned in this passage:

Perhaps even more surprising than the conference held Tuesday to discuss a dark period of Cuban cultural oppression was what happened outside: a protest by those shut out of the invitation-only event. Also out loud and in the open.

You have to admire the bravery of these folks. In reading more, it appears this was a move by Raul Castro to keep some control on dissent: after all, the event was by invitation only. But then again, there were those who were NOT invited and they protested too; human nature being what it is, once you let this genie out of the bottle it will be too late for the regime. Let’s hope this leads to more–and bolder–displays against the regime.