“Let them eat steak”

Now that the post-Castro-death Orange Bowl party has been downgraded to an ambiguous “event,” there’s a bit of a buzz going on about how Miami should react to Castro’s demise.

Some, like the guys at Babalu blog and yucababy are basically saying “Darn straight I’m gonna party!” And who can blame them for wanting to celebrate the beginning of the end to the 40-plus year nightmare in Cuba?

But others are saying “not so fast.” Andres Oppenheimer in the Miami Herald speaks to a few dissidents in Cuba who say a party in Miami celebrating Castro’s death would be seen negatively in Cuba:

According to [independent economist Oscar] Espinosa Chepe, a public celebration would play into the hands of the Cuban regime’s propaganda machine, which for decades has been pushing the idea that Miami exiles — the ”Miami mafia,” in the regime’s words — want to return to Cuba to reclaim their former homes, punish current and former Castro supporters, and turn Cuba into a U.S. colony.

Personally, I think if Cuban exiles and Cuban-Americans in Miami want to celebrate the end of Castro, it’s their right. As I stated before, 40-some odd years of pain, suffering, broken families, lost homes, lost loved ones and the like have been pent up and a party might have a much-needed cathartic effect.

Having said that, maybe after the party’s over we can follow through on Oppenheimer’s brilliant idea:

The day Castro dies, Miami city commissioners should start a food drive under the motto ”A steak for every Cuban — Una chuleta para cada cubano.” That would be the smart — and decent — thing to do, and would put the Cuban regime on the defensive.

Except that when I was growing up, steak was bistec and chuletas were pork chops.