More on the Castro / Chavez video

By now I (and you, no doubt) have had a chance to hear all the theories behind the latest Castro/Chavez porn video. “It’s real,” “it’s fake,” etc. Babalu blog even has a poll you can take (for the record, I voted “Dunno. But why haven’t…” although in seriousness, I think the tape is the real deal and bloody Castro is still alive).

But I have a theory I haven’t heard anyone else mention. I think Castro’s “disappearing” act was a loyalty test. I think he let the rumors of his death go on, to see who in his government might make a move to seize power. I haven’t yet heard of anyone making such a move, but if in the next few weeks or so we hear of a “purge” or removal of one or more high-level commie officials from Castro’s government, these people might well have flunked his loyalty test.