Castro on TV

Big freaking whoop-de-do. Castro’s on TV with Chavez. After three months underground, the ventriloquist and his dummy show up on Cuban state television, according to a breaking AP report. According to the AP, Castro and his puppet-boy Chavez made a big show of the tape having been made recently:

Both leaders appeared to take pains in the video to make clear when the session occurred. Chavez could be heard saying that it began at 3 p.m. on Jan 29. Castro read aloud a headline of an article dated Saturday from the Argentine newspaper Clarin.

According to the article, El Gran Caudillo appeared “healthier looking” than he had in the recent past. Of course, this means Cuba will continue to remain less “healthier looking” for a bit longer.

Could the video have been created with special effects? After all, we all know how much Hollywood adores “Uncle Fidel.”

Whether he’s alive or not, Castro’s days on this earth are numbered. There will be no “80 more years” as the leftists had been hoping for when his 80th birthday celebration came and went–without him.