Party planning at the Orange Bowl

The Miami Herald and others ran a story today about the City of Miami’s plan to host a party when Castro finally keels over (link takes you to an events calendar; click on the January 23, 2007 entry to find, ahem, a meeting to “Discuss an event at the Orange Bowl in case expected events occur in Cuba”).

Some of the aforementioned others running the Castro’s death party story include Yahoo! News, CNN, MSNBC, even the Belfast Telegraph.

The interesting thing is that the Miami Herald, which broke the story, says that callers to Spanish-language radio are against the idea because they claim it’s as if though the City of Miami were trying to dictate where people could celebrate the end of Castro’s tyranny. But an (admittedly) non-scientific poll on at least one Spanish-language radio station’s website (WAQI Radio Mambi) indicates that it’s 65-35 in favor of the Orange Bowl [link takes you to a Spanish-language site].

I’ve been listening to Spanish radio off and on throughout the day and I haven’t heard anyone complaining about the Orange Bowl. And speaking of the Orange Bowl, of special note is the role it has played in Cuban history, including it being the site where John F. Kennedy spoke to Cuban exiles after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, and it’s use as temporary housing during the Mariel Boatlift.

Orange Bowl